Together we are working to protect and enhance our planet through environmental stewardship. Our responsive nature and relentless focus toward environmental quality helps us deliver sustainable facilities and infrastructure to our clients every day.

Through collaboration, we design and deliver high performance built environments.

We bring together all the technical capabilities needed to take your project from concept to design and construction. Our all-service teams work together to provide credible and defensible solutions through the entire life-cycle of facilities and infrastructure to balance function, business, regulatory and stakeholder goals—and to drive sustainable growth.

Environmental Policy Statement

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact through responsible practices to our clients, employee owners and communities.

These principles guide our actions:

  • Create technically credible and positive environmental, social and economic benefits for the communities where clients and employee-owners live, work and play.
  • Reduce fossil-fuel use, water consumption and waste generation.
  • Use financial resources efficiently on behalf of employee-owners and clients.
  • Capture opportunities to support client programs in order to help them meet their sustainability goals.
  • Provide technical opportunities and resources for our staff to increase sustainability related expertise.
  • Steadily improve company operations and efficiency.
  • Track the environmental benefits of our projects.
  • Make decisions using the evaluation of environmental, economic and social equity whenever possible.

Our environmental policy supports our commitment to leadership, quality, safety and corporate responsibility through our actions and the services that we provide.



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