Long Term Goal

Market Leadership

To provide quality, reliability and good value in the products we sell and services we offer. To be sensitive and responsive to changing customer needs, right from product development stage to after-sales-service. To aim to become market leaders in whatever we take up for marketing – whether in restricted areas for certain products or on an All-India basis for others.

Price Competitiveness

To improve our competitiveness by constantly enhancing the performance of our consulting, project management, manufacturing, development, marketing and administrative functions. We would like to improve our profits by higher market share rather than by higher margin.

Consumer Satisfaction

To develop the right relationship between the Company and all its customers, so that the customer’s needs are met simply and effectively. Services should not just be a slogan; it should be our ‘Dharma’. We have already established a consumer cell to take care of consumer complaints as also desired by the council for FAIR Business Practices.

Ethical Dealings

To conduct the company’s affairs with Honesty and Integrity. People at every level will be expected to adhere to high standards of business ethics.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to five groups of people and we cannot reduce the emphasis of obligations and responsibilities on any of them.

Our Suppliers

They are our backbone. We have to see that they earn reasonable profits from dealings with us. We should also assure them satisfactory growth so that they also prosper with the prosperity of the company.

Our Dealers

To motivate them by offering quality products at reasonable prices. We must create conditions for them in which they would like to establish long term relationship with us. We must make such policies that will improve the profits of our dealers.

Our People

To offer growth and encourage promotion from within by proper Training and Motivation. To create an atmosphere that will encourage best of talent talent to join our company. To see that the fruits of prosperity are shared by those who have contributed in the prosperity of the company.

Our Shareholders

To assure them proper growth and return for their trust in us by investing their money in our company.

Our Customers

To ensure that our customers are kept satisfied through good quality products at reasonable price and proper after-sales-services.

Profit awareness

To earn reasonable profit is extremely essential for discharging our obligation to any of the above mentioned five groups of people. Awareness to profit has to be strengthened and percolated at all levels, since each person is expected to and must contribute to increasing the profitability of the Company.

Quality Consciousness

To perpetually strive to improve the Quality. This is one area where there should be no compromise. People at all levels- whether they are employees or vendors, or dealers – should be made to consider “Quality as a way of Life”. The emphasis on Quality is not to be restricted to our products and our services only, but to all spheres of our activities.

Technical Superiority

To develop our Company in technical orientation so that we sell our products on the basis of technical superiority.

Action Orientation

To be on our toes whether markets are in a good or bad shape. There is no place for demoralisation and frustration if the markets are bad or for complacency or lethargy when they are good. We should not rest on our laurels but strive for higher and better performance like a real “Karma Yogi”.

Excellence Culture

To develop a culture where mediocrity is neither accepted nor tolerated. To create conditions where each person is striving to surpass his earlier best; where each person is motivated and assisted to grow by leaps and bounds.



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