Transform Your Business

Transform your business with EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS cloud solutions.


Accelerate your mobile transformation with cloud.

Design and build mobile apps faster and simpler.

Support multiple teams and their preferred development tools while ensuring enterprise standards.

Deploy on an infrastructure built for speed.

Continuously improve your mobile apps with cloud services that deliver capabilities quickly and securely.

Business analytics on the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud

Uncover insights quickly and easily from all types of data—including big data—and on multiple platforms and devices. With built-in expertise and intelligence, our self-service cloud-based business analytics solutions provide you with the ability to confidently make smarter decisions that better address your real-time business imperatives.

Big data and analytics in the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS cloud

Big data offers enormous opportunities for insight that can set you apart from the competition. But you need the right technology to help you manage and use that data. Cloud-based solutions from EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS can help you harness the power of big data more quickly while reducing costs and enabling a security-rich environment.

DevOps with the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud: From idea to production in minutes

Combine best practices on Design Thinking, lean startup, agile development, DevOps and cloud to build and deliver innovative new applications to your customers faster and cheaper across hybrid environments. With the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Bluemix Garage Method and EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS DevOps solutions, you can get access to all the services you need to make innovation a repeatable process while ensuring enterprise scale and quality.

Deploy and manage your enterprise applications with confidence on the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud

The EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud offers a range of application platform options for building, deploying and managing your enterprise apps. You can choose to self-manage or have EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS manage your enterprise applications on a security rich, reliable cloud platform. EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud supports SAP, SAP HANA and Oracle environments as well as hundreds of other EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS, third-party and Business Partner applications.

Cloud business solutions


  • The speed, agility and affordability of the cloud – applied to optimize your key business functions
  • A single solution integrating expertise, analytics, technology and services for speed and simplicity
  • Customized to your unique requirements and delivered as a service


Engaging employees to drive the business with EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud for HR

Make your workforce the strategic asset it should be. Identify your top performers, and attract and hire more like them. Engage, develop and retain your employees, with real-time learning, networking, social collaboration and knowledge sharing. With the power of workforce science and analytics, you have quick access to the insights and information you need to build a foundation for talent success, improve decision making, and positively impact business outcomes.

Transform hybrid integration into a competitive differentiator

The emergence of big data, cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things is forcing you to rethink your concept of integration. Today, to remain competitive, you need to be able to integrate internally and externally—connecting sensors, customers and partners with the information in your systems of record. You need to Integrate with Everything.

Optimize your cloud IT service management with EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud

Your organization is only as good as the IT services that support it, and delivering exceptional service is vital to your success. You need the tools that give you visibility, control and automation regardless of where your services run: on-premises, in the cloud or both. IT service management solutions from the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud enable you to do just that.

Marketing: Change the way you engage

EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Marketing Cloud powers the delivery of exceptional experiences for customers across the buyer journey by leveraging customer data, providing analytical insights and automating relevant cross-channel interactions.

Cloud Security: Improve your defenses and reduce risk with security solutions for and from the cloud

EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS can help you move to the cloud with confidence. Solutions from EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Security can help you manage and protect against risks associated with all models of cloud computing. Services are available to help you build and deploy secure apps, and you can better manage and monitor access to business critical applications with cost-effective cloud security services.

Social & Email : How the modern business connects for success

Get work done simply and intelligently. Cut through the noise and elevate the insights most important to your work. Building on decades of experience in creating a people-centered workplace, EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS continues to innovate with leading business email and social collaboration solutions—now delivered from the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud.

Enterprise App Infrastructure: Enterprise-grade infrastructure and services with power, flexibility and control on the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud

The EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud offers security-rich and reliable cloud environments for building, deploying and managing your enterprise custom or off-the-shelf applications. Our self-managed SoftLayer infrastructure, along with fully managed infrastructure cloud environments, provide all the options you need for high-performance, robust, flexible enterprise application implementations in the EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS Cloud.

Federal : SoftLayer cloud for the US Government:

Infrastructure that drives innovation

Now compliant FedRAMP and FISMA compliance, our SoftLayer cloud offers US Federal agencies a robust cloud foundation for a wide range of agency missions. Choose bare metal, virtualized or hybrid cloud infrastructures in Federally certified data centers, without sacrificing performance or ease of use. Implement Federal mandates, meet growing demands, improve services and accelerate transformation and innovation—quickly and cost effectively—with SoftLayer cloud infrastructure.

  • Unparalleled Price PerformanceConsistent computing power and high performance global network.
  • Secure, Dedicated Data CentersLocated in Richardson, TX and Ashburn, VA, EPC SOLUTIONS & PARTNERS's Federal cloud data centers meet federal security and high availability requirements
  • Easy to Move ApplicationsA wide range of hypervisors and bare metal server options mean it is easy to migrate applications and move data

Transform your retail environment with cloud

Follow a shopper's journey to see the technology behind the omnichannel retail experience.


  • Get the strategic apps you need in the cloud -- without affecting IT.
  • Choose from a broad set of SaaS apps that are secure, available, and scalable — around the world.
  • Change your business with deep domain expertise and cognitive analytics.



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