Campaign Hub

A Customizable Framework to Create Effective Customer Engagement Programs

Is it a landing page? Or is it a microsite? Campaign Hub is a packaged offering that enables you to better engage their target audience with personalized, visually appealing content including social engagement based on buyer persona, location, device platform, and other variables at a campaign-specific level.

The Campaign Hub greatly reduces the complexity and time involved with multichannel content marketing. By integrating with leading marketing automation tools and web analytics software, it gives marketers comprehensive tracking, reporting and analytics capabilities to manage their campaigns.

With user-generated content-upload capabilities, the Campaign Hub reinforces brand credibility and helps consumers connect with each other, improving social engagement and brand perception. The EPCS2 Campaign Hub provides you with a stream of valuable content for cross-promotional campaigns.

Adaptive Content across Every Platform and Browser

Marketers can showcase their most valuable content assets in multiple languages through a Shared Digital Content Repository that drives content to leading media platforms. The Campaign Hub seamlessly and orchestrates engaging landing experiences across multiple sites and devices, including specific content, promotions and calls to action. Organizations benefit by having a consistent look and feel to their landing pages across every type of device and platform. Campaigns can promote conversations with the Campaign Hub’s interactive abilities that optionally allow viewers to submit pictures, videos, comments and more.

Campaign Hub Features


  • Ability to upload once and publish everywhere
  • Supports gated/ungated videos, images, PDF, presentations and text formats
  • Customizable permissions and content tagging
  • Real-time page customization based on user persona or buying stage
  • Customized landing pages (single or multi-tab)
  • Social conversation module
  • Campaign specific postings - visitors can share and comment
  • Galleries with multiple theater styles
  • Customized forms
  • Built-in tracker sends form and interaction data to leading marketing automation tools
  • Promotional and engagement modules including polls, quizzes, events, ticketing, slideshows, countdown clocks and wallpaper downloads, etc.
  • A/B testing capabilities
  • Live event streaming
  • Social sharing at page or asset level
  • Google Analytics integration

Unified Command and Control

Centralized Content Management

  • Manage landing pages from a single interface
  • Directly upload to or source content from all leading social media platforms
  • Set access permissions and tag content based on content type
  • Create personalized galleries and associated content

User-generated Content

  • Engage audiences across multiple social sites and mobile
  • Photo, video and text upload and sharing
  • Create contests with our UGC workflow
  • Authenticate and upload through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, etc.
  • Configurable image and text fields
  • Enable screening of entries before or after submissions go live
  • Supports voting, rating and commenting on content



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