Framework & Strategy

A Framework for Growth

Content Marketing plays a critical role in Demand Acceleration. The right content delivered in the right format to the right audience enables faster and more efficient progression of the audience along the buyer stages—from Awareness to Conversion to subsequent Sales.

Our Framework & Strategy offering is a consulting solution that will help your organization plan and manage a highly effective Content Marketing program. The four key stages in the process are:

1. Audit, Analysis & Strategy

Develop an understanding of your business and product. Audit your existing creative assets, outline buyer personas in various verticals, and map the required content for each persona at each stage of the buyer journey. Once this data is available, we provide a Content Gap Analysis that lists assets that need to be developed for the buyer’s journey.

2. Creation & Optimization

Based on the Content Gap Analysis, we share a sample content calendar with you that lists the assets required for the program. EPCS2 can help create these assets based on source documents from you and optimize them for better search rankings. The Framework & Strategy output will include a plan that covers content creation.

3. Curation & Promotion

This stage primarily deals with how the content is going to be leveraged to reach out to the target audience at the right time, in the right format, and the right channel. During this stage, assets required for other marketing activities are also listed in a content calendar.

4. Performance Tracking

During this phase key performance metrics are defined. Systems required to track the progress of the content marketing program are installed and dashboards established.

EPCS2 Content Marketing experts work with your marketing teams to design your Content Framework & Strategy to manage every aspect of your Content Marketing Program.



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