Beyond Traditional Search Engine Optimization

To be effective, marketing campaigns must engage audiences with informative and compelling content to build brand visibility and loyalty. Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial supporting role by helping relevant marketing content get noticed.

EPCS’s holistic approach to SEO services looks at internal factors such as website architecture and content optimization, as well as external factors such as link popularity, channel optimization, and social media promotion to get your site the best possible results from organic search.

Recognizing the growing usage of mobile devices to consume content, we provide a range of engagement-boosting services such as mobile optimization, app indexing and app store optimization.

EPCS SEO works most effectively when combined with our Content Marketing services. Our creative teams have a long track record of designing and developing engaging assets such as Videos, Infographics, Blogs, PDF, White Papers, Press Releases, Case Studies, and more.

Get An Edge Over Your Competition

Our experience with evolving search algorithms and industry trends is the foundation of our integrated approach. We augment overall reach and conversion with services such as schema markup, social media tagging, and channel optimization strategies. Our SEO experts also develop specialized strategies for Google Knowledge Graph, Open Graph Protocol (OGP), and social tagging.

We track key performance metrics such as traffic, rankings, engagement, and social signals that reflect intent and awareness.

Dynamic and Integrated SEO Strategy

360° Approach to SEO

We start with a complete assessment of your website and its architecture to determine baseline performance. Factors such as load times, errors, broken links, temporary redirects, social competitiveness, and usability are given special scrutiny.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your competitors’ sites, and then develop an overall SEO strategy to increase your site’s visibility. The key pages in your site are identified, and depending on your business needs, we optimize your digital assets and marketing collaterals to be syndicated across social media channels to target audiences. Once this is complete, data-driven performance reports are created to drive future strategies. These reports include details about cross-channel and multi-channel insights, page-level heat maps, bounce rates and leads/registrations.

EPCS SEO Solutions

Our in-house experts design & define SEO custom solution packages for your website.

Website Calibrator

Website Calibrator comprehensively analyzes your website across a host of vital parameters and identifies factors that affect search visibility. This helps you make strategic decisions regarding your site's architecture and readiness for marketing.


  • Website Architecture Analyzer inspects your website on 42 critical search compliance checks
  • Competitive landscape analysis compares your website’s SEO score with up to four competitors
  • Link score analyzer maps your incoming link ecosystem and identifies potential websites for high quality links

Organic Rank Optimizer

This comprehensive SEO solution features:

  • Website architecture analysis with over 42 critical search compliance checks
  • SEO process that continually optimizes your website for higher visibility across valuable customer-centric keywords
  • Recommendations on page design enhancements and the best performing conversion path elements to effectively engage your target audience



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