Marketing Analytics

We give customers critical insights into campaign performance across marketing channels such as landing pages, paid acquisition, social media, SEO and other channels to determine the most effective lead conversion path.

Analytics Configurator

EPCS’s Analytics Configurator evaluates the integrity of your website’s analytics setup in 11 critical areas. The Configurator enables real-time custom reporting of key performance indicators across all referral sources and marketing campaigns.


Data Analysis & Recommendations


User flow analysis

Landing page analysis

Multi-channel attribution

Conversion analysis


Data Visualizations

Tableau Dashboard

The Tableau dashboard helps marketers visualize and analyze information to fine tune strategy decisions. EPCS can implement, integrate and manage your Tableau dashboard to make the best business decisions.

Online CMO Dashboard

We provide customers with real-time views of campaign metrics and website performance by channel to help make informed decisions based on insights and analyses. The online dashboard provides anytime, anywhere access to crucial campaign data that’s automatically updated.

Marketing Analytics can radically accelerate your growth when you’ve got the right partner to implement technology and provide the expert analysis you need.



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