Marketing Automation

Connecting the Dots Between Marketing, Sales, Technology and Analytics

Marketers want to know how much of the sales pipeline comes from marketing, and what percentage of leads convert to revenue.

The real question is, what are the best practices for companies building a high growth and productive revenue engine? The only constant today is that marketing can no longer be just a cost center, but needs to drive and build environments and activities that generate revenue performance. From planned campaigns to rapid response strategies and digital perpetual leverage processes, the supporting components define the fundamental pieces of a strategy known as Revenue Performance Management.

Mature marketing automation companies achieve 32% greater revenue versus plan than average companies, and 79% more than the least mature companies.

Integrating Content, Paid, and Marketing Automation

Our approach to Revenue Performance Management takes an integrated view of the digital marketing world. We address your needs to integrate the Demand Acceleration building blocks—MarTech, including marketing automation, Paid Acquisition (AdTech) and Content.

What’s crucial is that we connect lead interest and intent to lead life cycle progression through relevant content at every stage. This includes websites, search and social ads, display ads, paid media, SEO, content creation and syndication, marketing automation platforms, and integration and operation of your CRM. All of these must work together, share information, and present a performance dashboard that proves marketing-influenced revenue and performance through each of these aspects.

Our expert consultants can give you a quick audit of your current EPCS and show you how we can accelerate your transformation journey.


The 5Ds Process for Marketing Automation Excellence

Our unique 5Ds process ensures that your demand support is developed and implemented in record time with documentation that will support your team in continuous improvement.
Our team collaborates with your domain experts to build key components of marketing automation, such as Lead Life Cycle processes, Lead Scoring, Nurturing, Reporting and Analytics, as well as sales enablement programs that provide insights to help you become a revenue marketer.

We develop systems that support demand acceleration with planned campaigns for a rapid response that can be perpetually leveraged. We have built models and frameworks for many B2B organizations that ensure a robust top-of-the-funnel integration to maintain optimal funnel efficiencies and minimize funnel leakage.

EPCS consultants are certified by Marketo for their core field marketing experience and their expertise with marketing technologies. Our team delivers complex enablements, custom integrations, powerful engagement programs with social sharing, as well as insightful analytics, revenue tracking, deliverability and best practices.


Five Ways We Help You Manage Global and Vertical Challenges

Multi-channel, Multi-format, Multi-lingual

We help clients scale and solve globalization challenges through integration of local content across multiple formats and channels.

Extending Global Reach

We integrate with our clients across multiple regions such as APAC and EMEA to manage marketing functions and support sales in these areas.

Capacity Augmentation

Where our clients need both strategic and implementation capabilities, we augment their marketing automation team to scale global demand.

Content to Turbocharge your Marketing Automation Engine

Our content specialists develop assets that amplify both inbound and outbound programs and promote engagement with the target audience in line with their interest and intent.

Starting a New Instance or Tuning up

Our problem-solving philosophy and adherence to current best practices greatly boosts demand acceleration for our clients.

  • We are premier partners of Marketo Inc., with a team that has earned Marketo University certification
  • Marketo certified experts and consultants
  • We also work with other marketing automation and CRM tools such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.


Get Started Today With A Marketing Automation Power Audit

If you have your own in-house team working on your marketing automation platform and just want to get a health check-up, or get pro tips to fine-tune your instance, sign up for our Power Audit. In a 30 to 40 hour exercise, our experts will lay out what you can do to get the most benefits from your software. Our team of consultant’s compares system performance against best practices, find the gaps, and suggest optimal paths to success that take advantage of underutilized functionality.



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