Paid Acquisition

Optimize Paid Spends for Sales, Not Just Leads

Our Paid Acquisition services accelerate your demand to acquire customers across all paid channels including Paid Search, Display & Programmatic, Social Ads, Sponsored Emails and Media Buys.

With digital ad spending in the US expected to grow by 61.22% to $94 billion by 2019, the competition for customers will be fierce. This calls for effective campaigns backed by painstaking research, engaging content, and insightful analytics. Our acquisition framework powered by our Demand Acceleration methodology is designed to deploy the right channel for the right persona at the right time as prospects traverse through different stages of their online journey. The effectiveness of each channel is tracked and measured not just at the lead level, but deep in the pipeline. Media mix is optimized for more advanced metrics that are qualified leads, opportunities and even closures/wins that generate revenue.

Paid Acquisition Process

The Pulse Of Your Campaign

Pulse is our unique platform that provides actionable insights by tracking various leads stages and conversion paths across Paid Acquisition channels. This powerful platform gives marketing teams real-time tracking, reporting, and campaign management metrics to optimize the overall media mix and to make the best business decisions.

Pulse can also link to your CRM solution or custom database to connect online leads with sales, even if the conversion/sale occurred offline. This gives you valuable insight by paid channel, connecting all of the dots from a click to a final sale.

EPCS gives you the edge. If you need to plan and execute a successful customer acquisition program that results in sales—not just leads—let’s talk!

Paid Search

Paid search plays a key role in any go-to-market strategy. Growing at 13% annually, and estimated to hit $71 billion in 2016 this is a must-have strategy for any marketer. We don’t just execute pay per click and display ad programs. We go the extra mile to support campaigns with compelling production values.

EPCS vastly simplifies every step of the process for you, allowing them to focus on the big picture instead of getting bogged down in information gathering and decision trees. Our Pulse dashboard can even pinpoint a particular sale or conversion to a keyword that was used.

Display & Programmatic

Videos, email and banners ads, sponsorships, newsletters and rich media ads add up to nearly 48% of all digital ad expenditure. With intense competition in this arena, we help ensure your success by targeting leads based on buyer personas, behaviors and interests at every stage of their journey. Tracking and reporting from Pulse gives you ultimate control and insight to refine strategies.

Result—Maximum reach and high quality leads due to better targeting, with the lowest cost per acquisition. Our recommended media campaign is based on an assessment of your business goals. Whether it's a guaranteed leads program, a CPM-based media plan or a multi-stage programmatic campaign, we've got you covered.

Our test and optimization-based agile approach ensures that we start off with a strategy, which is refined as the leads come in and progress through the marketing and sales pipeline.

Media Approach

Social Ads

According to eMarketer, social network ad spending will reach $36 billion in 2017 from $23 billion in 2014. With nearly 1.6 billion users using Facebook alone every month, it’s no surprise that social media advertising plays a major role today.

When it comes to Paid Social, one size doesn't fit all. Why? Because it's social. It's about people. Given the people focus, in order for a campaign to be successful, it needs to take into account behaviors, interests, likes and dislikes. Audience segmentation is critical.

Our standard operating procedure for Paid Social campaigns starts with intense consumer and market research. Next we build personas, create customized ads to boost lead generation and sales, and devise a strategy to target the right audience on the right channel. In addition to the custom research we do for each of our clients, we leverage detailed behavioral and demographic data provided by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to help engage target audiences with the highest precision.

Our paid social media programs feature ad creatives customized to boost lead generation and sales. Our Pulse platform helps maximize ROI through every channel.


88% of Manufaturing marketers in a poll used retargeting, and 56% of those who didn’t were planning to start using it within a year. Retargeting plays an effective role in conversion optimization, which explains its growing popularity.

We can help you reengage with leads you thought were lost, increase conversion rates, and boost customer acquisition by retargeting across prime channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and mobile ads.

Retargeting Process

Content Syndication

Among the various options available for marketers to get their message in front of prospective customers, one of the most effective methods is sponsored content. Essentially, marketing content that is placed alongside articles related to similar topics. These deals are primarily orchestrated via sponsorship agreements with publishers, or via vertical focus content networks such as those for the IT sector.

One of the newest tools available for marketers is paid content syndication networks that provide a self-serve option for marketers to promote and track content performance—and pay only for views or clicks. EPCS campaign managers have expertise in leveraging these networks for the best ROI.



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