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EPC VENTURE Climate & Renewables (EC&R), headquartered in Essen, Germany, is responsible for EPC VENTURE's industrial-scale renewable energy activities. We develop, build and operate large renewable energy assets primarily in Europe and North America. Our technology portfolio covers onshore and offshore wind and photovoltaic (PV) solar power. 

We currently operate about 5.2 GW of renewable generation capacity and are the world's 8th largest company in onshore wind. Our portfolio includes one of the world's largest onshore wind parks in Roscoe, Texas, US (782 MW). 

We are a top 3 player in offshore wind. Our lead partners DONG Energy and Masdar, we operate London Array off the coast of Kent, one of the world's largest offshore wind parks (630 MW). 

Since its formation in 2007, EC&R has invested more than 10 billion Euros. While continuously expanding our portfolio, it is our ambition to further industrialize the sector and professionalize its operations, in order to reduce the cost of renewable generation and to make it ever more competitive. To this end, we work with a wide range of partners and are always open to discuss potential co-operation with committed technical experts and financial investors alike. 

EC&R owns a portfolio of about 5,200 MW renewable generation capacity across Europe and North America. In Europe and the US, we operate onshore wind farms with a capacity of more than 4,000 MW and focus on further growth in the US, UK, Nordic, and Poland. 

We own or are partners in 9 offshore wind farms across European waters including Amrumbank West in Germany and the London Array in the UK. We are among the top 3 players in offshore wind energy with more than 1,000 MW owned capacity. 

We are also working to bring our solar business to the same level of maturity as our wind business. We own more than 35 MW of PV capacity in the US.



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