Smart Cities Solution

Poles and wires deliver more than electricity 

Automated equipment, wireless sensing devices and other "smart" technologies create an intelligent power delivery system – from the substation and transformers to the power lines and meters. A smarter grid improves power quality and reliability and creates more opportunities for energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. 

New information and services 

Advanced, wireless meters automatically collect energy data and remotely connect/disconnect service – and can even tell us when the power is out. Intelligent meters work with other digital grid technologies to create a communication network between the customer and the utility. 

Living with smart energy 

Digital grid technologies enable energy management systems that help homeowners monitor their energy use. Combine this with new ways to save energy, automated communication, solar panels and plug-in electric vehicles – and customers improve their energy efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint. 

Improved reliability and faster restoration 

With digital grid technologies deployed along the power delivery system, EPCS can monitor the system in real time, balance system demand and automatically reroute power as needed to shorten power outages – or prevent them from happening 

A smarter grid through grid modernization 

From the Internet to our cell phones and televisions, digital technology has become the standard for transmitting information, offering the instant communication we've all come to depend on. Now, digital technology is coming to the power grid that delivers our electricity. You've probably heard this updated grid called "the smart grid" or "grid modernization" – but no matter what it's called, what matters most is how it will serve you better.

NEW Technology:

A smarter grid through grid modernization 

Many people think of smart meters when they think of this new technology, but replacing older meters with advanced meters is just one example of how the company is leveraging advancements in technology to improve service to our customers. In fact, we're updating the grid all the way from the substation to the customer's home, which means:
  • Many customers will have more insight on their energy usage, and tools that will help them curb their energy use and save costs on their monthly bill.
  • Grid operators will have better visibility on the system to remotely reroute power as needed to shorten outages – or prevent them all together.
  • A more efficient, more reliable grid that is better prepared to manage the growth of renewable energy resources like solar and wind.
In The Future 

Ways we're modernizing the grid 

In the future, beyond improved grid efficiency, a modernized grid could mean that customers have new insight into their own energy consumption. Imagine being able to use your energy portal to identify which appliances and equipment are costing the most to operate. Customers can begin to make better informed decisions about when to replace old appliances with more efficient equipment. 

Plus grid intelligence could allow customers to use a computer or phone to remotely program heating and cooling systems, dishwashers, water heaters and other appliances for greater efficiency. This functionality is not yet available, but current efforts to upgrade the grid are laying the groundwork for these types of applications. 

We're dedicated to helping our customers take control of their energy use through a smarter grid. As we deploy this advanced grid technology, we're excited about shaping the future of energy use together with you.



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